Gonna blog about it!

Blog, blog, blog! Everyone’s doing it! So I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and well, here I am. I’m not exactly sure what, if anything, anyone may find useful from my blog but hopefully someone will.  If anything, it may be an interesting insight into me, Jamie! So a little about me, I am a single mom.  I have the most wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, fun 10-year-old that I am fortunate enough to call my daughter.  She’s 100% the one thing that keeps me going every day. I am single. I have recently joined the statistic of failed marriages.  Divorce sucks! I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. But I do believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe one day I’ll figure that reason out. About five years ago I started running.  It was tough! My first attempt at any physical activity post high school. Then I bought a second-hand “mountain bike” from a pawn shop.  Had joined a gym.  Got word of this thing called t-r-i-a-t-h-a-l-o-n.  Did my first tri that year.  Instantly became addicted.  Have been doing triathlons ever since.  Two years ago really got into cycling. Started road racing and criterium racing.  Then came cyclocross.  I am in love with cyclocross.  I’ve battled an ongoing injury for the past 4 years or so.  In a few weeks I will be having surgery to hopefully fix this problem once and for all.  (This is when I will likely blog a boat load, some perhaps while hopped up on pain killers, you’ve been warned.)  I like to write.  I have strong opinions on specific topics.  I am passionate about health, wellness, and not being pathetic or making excuses.  I’m due to turn 30 in April.  I’d like for my 30th year on this planet to be something worth while.  I want to make a difference somewhere.  I want to step outside my comfort zone and feel comfortable.  I want to push myself to the limit and succeed.  I want to be a fantastic mom.  I want to conquer dreams, smash goals, kick ass, and take names.  We will see if it happens. Stay tuned…..


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