Pondering a thought….

In a movie called “The Mexican” which stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, there is a scene in which it is asked “when is enough enough”?  Now in this scene it is with reference to love and the couple’s relationship.  Should they continue their relationship when there’s so much fighting, sadness, and hurt?  Or should they continue to fight for the relationship and work on a future together?  I’ve applied this to my own life once upon a time.  Actually to my marriage which in the end failed.  But I believe you’re heart really must be in it to make the right decision.  It is easy to say, ok, one more time, or to think you will be able to work towards a positive future when the other person isn’t even on the same page.  Sometimes we’re just naive.  So I have came to revisit this quote again, somewhat recently.  This time not in terms of love, but in those considering life in general.  Life is short; too short if you ask me.  People always said that after high school everything flies by so fast.  They weren’t kidding.  Here I am, almost 30, divorced, with a wonderful 10=year old, three cats, an associate degree, and where am I going?  I know in the past years, when I was married, I (technically we) fell into a pattern and “settled”.  Sometimes we get to a point in life where we’re comfortable doing the same thing day in and day out.  We deal with the bad days and when there are good days then it’s a bonus.  But for me that’s not good enough anymore.  Essentially I’ve settled for the past 30 years of my life.  Never once that I know of have I really stood up and said, well I’m pretty much tired of this and I’m going to make a change.  Well that’s a lie, it happened once, but that was out of necessity because I was in a dangerous situation.

My point is that, there are people who will bring you down.  And when doing something you love isn’t something you love any more as a result of these people, then it’s time to make a change.  No matter how difficult it may be during the period of change, know it has to be for the better.  This is where I am today.  But I ask myself have I reached enough?  How do I know when enough is enough?  How do I measure this?  When do I know I really cannot take any more?

So my question to you as a reader is, when is enough enough for you?  What feelings guide your decision to stay and work on fixing the problem? And/or which feelings guide your decision to say enough and walk away?  Do you have to justify either decision to feel okay with your decision, or do you accept you’ve done your all (research, pros/cons list) and this is the best way to go?

 (I promise I won’t hold anyone accountable for their advice/comments, I’m just intrigued to know how others think about this).



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