6 weeks!


It’s been six whole weeks since surgery, as of tomorrow.

It’s been a very interesting six weeks that is for sure.  The weather is getting nicer which means people are out on bikes, people running in barely any clothing at all, and it’s sunny, well most of the time. I have my two bikes tucked away in the spare bedroom; out of sight, out of mind works right? NO! If I had not had Erica this weekend I would have gone for a ride, but not told anyone because there are plenty of people who would love to chew my backside if I had done so. If I hadn’t been sick, I may have participated in today’s local gravel race, simply because why not? and I feel fine. But I’m sure that would have ended badly too.  Some people know me well enough to know that I will push this recovery to its limits. I know, I know…..the recovery period is set for a reason, I need to heal, blah, blah, blah.  All of that is good and such, and I know people who remind me this only do so because they mean well and want to see me back in action 100% not hurting like I had been, but let me be a little firm when I say the following,


 Sorry I yelled!

You know, about 6 or so years ago I didn’t do a single thing for exercise. NOTHING! Running a half mile down the road and back nearly killed me. I hated it! And now, NOW I would do just about anything to run a mile. I’d far sooner prefer to bike it, but I’d run if the Doc said yes. Over these past six weeks I’ve had a lot of time to think about exactly what it is that I want to accomplish in the next, oh, couple years, athletic-wise.  Last year I had set the goal to train hard and race hard this year and next year, 2015, tackle a full Ironman. That’s not going to happen! I’m okay with that too. I’d like to squeeze in a few triathlons this year, but I know it may not be possible.  My biggest concern is being able to do cyclocross this year. No wait, I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO RACE CROSS this year! So my focus will be to build strength, over all body strength, and improve my CX skills.  Next year will be focused primarily on cycling: road, cross, crits, and probably mountain/gravel, although they’re really not my thing, and probably still try to tackle a few sprints and maybe oly distance tris, if I can run!  Then, maybe, just maybe, 2016 will be the year of the full IM. Maybe!

I’m being extremely optimistic that the Doc will allow me to start doing something, a bit more aggressive than walking, after tomorrow’s appointment.  However, if I can ride the bike on a trainer, I will. If I can swim, I will.  If I can only do weight training, I’ll do that.  SOMETHING, something more than walking. I’m far too competitive to just walk the track, especially while there are others jogging it. And who speed walks? I mean really? I can’t. Flat out, cannot speed walk.  It hurts my shins! And when I try to speed walk, images of the lady Prancercising pop into my head. THIS IS TERRIFYING!


I will figure out something to do even if Doc M. isn’t on the same page as I am. I mean, he’s only a doctor, what does he know right? ARGH! All kidding aside, as my disclaimer to the fact that I’m not going to muck this up and do something foolish, like run a 5K, I’m impatiently improvising here.  I’ll find stuff I can do until I can do the stuff I really want to do. Until then, it will be upper body lifting with resistance bands (Farrell’s stuff) and maybe some lower body stuff if I can sort out my hamstring.

To get my cycling fix, I’ll just have to continue drooling over my boy Fabian


Yes, that’s him….that poster is on my bedroom wall, signed by him (courtesy of the best Boss EVER!). Well drooling over all the cycling dudes I have crushes on, which is pretty much the majority of them you see on tv, and following any races I can via the interweb or the television.  I work in a bike shop which is somewhat bittersweet.  Get to be around bikes all day, get to help other people get jazzed up about riding, and then…..don’t get to ride a bike myself. Karma! Doesn’t matter because I thoroughly enjoy getting others excited about riding a bike. It’s one of the most rewarding careers I’ve ever experienced.

I’m sure I’ll pass along the progress of my athletic endeavors as soon as I get the (hopefully good) word from the Doc tomorrow.  If not, please don’t tell on me if you see me out on my bike. If you do see me, well consider this your warning. I expect once I’m back at it with no restrictions, I’ll hunt you down, find you in your sleep….I’ll be hiding in the dark alleyways, armed with….JOKING! Just don’t be a kill-joy, nobody wants to be that person. But if you’re not out riding then you’re missing out. Get on your bike and go ride! Believe me…the second Doc M. says I can, there will be no stopping me. I may have to take a week off just to ride my bike everywhere 🙂


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