3 months- I nearly lost my mind!

As the title suggests, and some of you may think otherwise, but it’s been three months since my surgery and somehow, I managed to NOT completely lose my mind.  There were many close calls, let me tell you that, but somehow, I managed to cling to the smallest portion of sanity, until I got the official “go ahead” from the Doc to exercise.  I think I practically begged him to let me ride my bike.  He concurred that I could get back to exercise but at an “easy pace”.  Thanks doc but really, what the hell does that mean? I am not sure if he realized that “easy pace” is not in my vocabulary.

I’ve been on some really nice rides in the past two weeks.  Yes I had been riding, “easily” to work and around with Erica prior to being given the go-ahead from the doc, but I truly was taking it leisurely. Had I not ridden just that little bit in the few weeks leading up to my three-month follow-up, you all would be reading posts about what it’s like from the inside of my padded room. That is if they didn’t have me restrained to a bed and I could actually type something!

I was relieved to find out that I hadn’t lost all my cycling strength.  It will take a bit of time to get it all back.  Need to drop the few pounds that snuck up on me from not being active an eating far too much junk. Thank goodness I was able to go into this thing in pretty decent shape, otherwise who knows how much weight I’d have put on.  Riding the other day reminded me that I still love climbing those hills.  Jason, Eddie, and I went out and tackled the Sugar Bottom loop….(take “loop” with a grain of salt, those tricky trickster guys had me on an out-and-back course, no loop happened).  The climbs there were tougher than I remembered, but I still made it up all of them, even if I was in my small ring a few times.  Gah! I hate admitting I was in the small ring! ***Note, I recently gave the following advice to Eddie’s dad, “never leave the big ring! Staying in the big ring makes you stronger! I’m always in the big ring!” ****Second note, NO ONE TELL EDDIE’S DAD ABOUT THE AFORE MENTIONED SMALL RING USAGE!!  Small ring? What? Huh?

So being able to ride the pavement has been a huge contributor to increasing the sanity capacity.  However, in a bit of irony to the situation…I no longer possess a road bike. Yup! That’s right, Driver has been sold off. Poor guy. I miss him dearly. He was a wonderful bike to me, had lots of power, speed, looked pretty darn sexy if I do say so myself.  He made me look good, sometimes. But, he had to go. He was a size too big for me. Despite Eddie’s best efforts in fitting Driver to me, we decided that a 54cm would fit me best.  Especially now that I have this titanium hardware in my spine and now need to have a more comfortable ride.  PLUS-Trek came out with my dream bike.  The Domane disc road bike! Whaaaaaaaaaa?! Yuppers! They just rolled out two disc models for 2015.  A 4 series model with Shimano Sora and a 6 series model with Shimano Dura Ace Di2.  Now, I know you’re all excited about the latter.  With that being said, so am I. With that being said, I am now taking donations to the Jamie’s new Domane fund.  You can drop off donations to me personally at my home address, at work, directly into my bank account…the possibilities are endless.  Just let me know and I will make myself readily available to assist you in assisting me! Soooo….that Dura Ace electronic stuff is nice, but, I don’t really need it. Plus Fabian doesn’t use it, he likes good old-fashioned shifting minus electronic stuffs.  AND it’s darn expensive.  I have to feed my kid and gatos! So I shall wait until a more affordable option comes out that’s nicer than the 4 series Sora bike. I’m waiting for Trek to throw me an Ultegra version of the disc Domane! Then all will be well in the world of Jamie. That is as long as I can get my hands on one of them.

So no road bike, able to ride, what’s a girl to do?  Well luckily I work at the bestest bike shop in the World and we have some nice Giant Defy road bikes that are part of our rental fleet that I can attempt to rock every now and then. So that’s what I’ve been doing of recent.  I’m hopefully going to get in a few road events in the next month or two.  Specifically the Tour de Cure-Corridor Classic.  A wonderful event for the American Diabetes Association.  I’ve done this event for the past two years now and absolutely love it. With all my stubbornness (or stupidity, you be the judge) I’ll be doing the 100-mile option. Yay me! But it’s also a charity event so if you’d like to donate here’s the link to the Tour’s webpage. Search for my name and donate away! Thanks in advance!


In the meantime, I’ll satisfy my need for self-torture by preparing myself for the Pierre’s Hole 100.  A 100-mile mountain bike race out in Jackson Hole, WY, taking place in August.  Signed up for this days before the Doc recommended I have surgery. It wasn’t cheap and I’m stubborn so I’m not backing out!  And since I don’t have a mountain bike I have to acquire one right? Yessir! I’m looking forward to my Fuel Ex 9.8 arriving in the next week or so. Then I’ll be out at Sugar Bottom trying not to kill myself and shredding the gnar. I shall post pics of this sweet new ride once he arrives. I have no idea what to name him, or maybe it’s a she. Dang, all these things to consider.  Biking is so stressful!!


My soon to be mountain bike!!! EEEEKKK! Yup…you can continue drooling now, it’s sexy!

Well that’s about all I have at the moment.  Feeling a bit lost today so I decided to park myself at a coffee shop and write stuff. Writing soothes the soul I think. Or in my case it’s one more thing I can do to cling to sanity.  Kris wasn’t open to give me a tattoo tonight otherwise I’d be doing that instead.  Keys to this girl’s heart = tattoos, riding bikes, and writing. I’m not that difficult of a person now am I?

Hopefully I’ll do a better job of keeping this beast updated now that I have things to actually write about besides my lame days of recovering.

An aside, to anyone looking for a good read, check out Phil Gaimon’s book Pro Cycling on $10 a Day.  


It is a fast and interesting read. I really enjoyed this book and I have developed yet another crush on another cyclist. Gah! I’m impossible.


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