2015: The year of the fighter!

I’ve whined, complained, grumped, and who knows what else on here, and other social media outlets, about the bs in life, the inability to ride when I wanted to, and so much more.  But today, today that has ended.  Well kind of.  I bring to you friends and readers:

2015: The year of the fighter!!

I’m sure there will still be complaining and winging about this or that, but for me, writing is an outlet and this may just become the place that gets some of that outletting-ness.

So enough of disclaimers, let’s get down to it.


2014 has been and gone and now we’re at the fantabulous year of 2015.  I, like many of you have likely done, have created, no so much resolutions for the year, but instead goals for better living”.  So often times we set resolutions that we aren’t really dedicated to.  I for example every single year have wanted to eat healthier.  For the most part, I eat fairly healthily.  I have my weaknesses (cereal of all types) and the moments were I reward myself…..for extensive periods of time, with sweet treats, but I’ve never been concerned about what or how I eat.  I am now.  I’m concerned because of the other goals I’ve set my eyes on.  Usually goals aren’t just a one off, there’s a whole lot of things that contribute to meeting that goal.

So without further ado, these are some of my to GFBL for 2015:

  • Get cut! Aka: build lean muscle! AKA: BODY BUILD
  • Do the entire Iowa mountain bike race series
  • Dominate cyclocross
  • Bike 5600+ miles this year
  • Start swimming again regularly
  • Do yoga 3 times per week
  • Keep a journal
  • Go to more movies
  • Read more books
  • Leave the country
  • Cross something off the bucket list, after I’ve made one
  • Rid myself of frenemies, people who want to drag me down, people who are not sincere, people who do not make me a better person
  • Impact the cycling scene in a positive way-specifically with women
  • Excel as a personal trainer
  • Step out of my comfort zone on a daily basis
  • Do something fun/exciting for my birthday!

This is really only part of the list but these are the big concepts that I’ll be focusing on.  I came up with these ideas while reflecting upon 2014 and why it was so crappy.  That’s why this is the year of the fighter for me.  I realized, in 2014, I let so many people take advantage of me, my generosity, my compassion and my dedication, that it nearly completely wrecked me.  I am a better person than that. I don’t deserve to be treated poorly for any reason.  I work too hard and have too high expectations to have others bring me down.  2015 shall be the year of the fighter!  I will place focus on the things that I love (cycling) and will make it something that I DO, not want to do but can’t do because of x, y, or z….I will actually make it my priority like eating, or sleeping.  I won’t be allowing people to walk all over me either.  I have done so for years and perhaps it’s taken me nearly 31 years to figure out that it’s not okay, but it won’t happen anymore.

So maybe this is a warning to those who know me that I am fired up and ready to fight this year.  Sure I’ll get knocked down here and there but I’m ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me and I will come out on top!




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