2015 starting out….AMAZINGLY!

So far so good….2015 is starting out pretty awesome.

A good friend of mine is moving to take on her dream job/lifestyle and gave me wonderful recommendations to take over her spin class.

So as of next Wednesday I will be leading what’s called Pedal n’ Pump.

This is the new way of spin not to mention a metabolism whooping workout.

The class is 60 minutes in length and takes place in the spin room.

30 minutes of high energy spin followed by 30 minutes of resistance training and core exercises.

The format can and will change so it doesn’t have to be like the above-so at one point we will alternate segments on the bike then segments on the floor, and keep this up until the class is over.

I’m really excited about this class and hope that many of my friends and cycling buddies can attend.  Come willing to work hard, feel the burn, and have fun is all I ask.

Spread the word and watch for postings regarding this class.

I’m thinking of posting my class workouts here so that others can incorporate this type of spin into their workouts at home or recommend them to their local gym.

Happy Spinning!!


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