Good Morning First Monday of 2016

We’ve made it, a whole 4 days into 2016! Yay!! Have to admit, it’s been a bit tough these past 4 days, however, today is the day 2016 begins for me.  First off some New Year goals….not resolutions, but G-O-A-L-S! Everyone needs goals to stay motivated, or at least I do, so here’s a few of mine:

  • Start training for the triathlon season. Yup…I’m making a comeback. My goal is to do an end of the season Half Iron Man, again. Get back into it gently with some sprint tris and then maybe an Oly distance and the HIM at the end of the season.  Crossing fingers the back will allow me to do this!
  • Cycling-Cycling is going to be my focus this year despite getting back in to triathlons.  I made a goal of miles to ride last year and didn’t even come close. Between injury and life, I just didn’t make it. Well I have a beautiful Angus and we are going to DOMINATE this year. Hoping to find a cycling team in the Chi-town area so I can race with them, but we shall see. Perhaps I’ll start my own..
  • Finish my bachelor’s degree. Already signed up for my last credit hours and gonna tackle this bad boy in a few weeks. THAT will be a major achievement that’s taken years of persistence to accomplish.
  • Be happy! This was a goal for last year as well, and even though I dabbled in it here and there, I never felt completely happy for an extended period of time. I’m going to say volunteering with the Humane society and any other organization I can this year will help with this goal.  
  • Continue to maintain expert crazy cat lady status. This will be extremely simple.
  • Read more books, write more blog posts, and avoid meaningless internet surfing, including Facebook.  I’m off Facebook for a month. I’m also not drinking for a month and going to really crack down on my nutrition.
  • One last one for now….I’m going to win the Labrada spokesmodel competition this year. 

So here we are. This post isn’t to terribly exciting but hopefully sparks your interest in setting some goals for the year. Make them realistic, achievable, and goals that encourage positive personal growth. Life’s too short, so get out there and LIVE!

Vivere la Vita!


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