Swole training begins!

I’ve had a messy past few months and haven’t been able to maintain my training goals. It’s okay, it happens…..

So now what?



We reset, regroup, plan, and get back at it.

This morning marked the first day of 2016, no excuses, no questions, 100% effort and 110% determination training for the upcoming cycling and triathlon season.

My guy and I are doing early morning workouts. This morning we kicked off a 30-day shred workout.  It’s 4 weeks of heavy lifting and hopefully good gains.

Chest Day:

Reverse grip smith press-10 sets x 3 reps :30 sec rest 

Alternating DB Bench press-6 sets x 5 reps :30 rest

Leverage chest press-5 sets x 6 reps :30 rest

Chest Fly-3 sets x 10 reps :30 rest

Svend press (w/plates)-2 sets x 15 reps :30 rest

Single arm cable fly-ascending set (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)

Tier 1 cardio= 20 sec sprint/10 sec rest (treadmill)

25 minutes steady cardio= incline treadmill walk (crank that incline)

This is only day one. Shoulders are quite sore and chest is pretty okay.  Remember, with these low rep/high set routines, ADD THAT WEIGHT!  Don’t slack here. Push those muscles to fatigue.  Remember, when you fail, that’s when you see gains.

Since I’m training for the Dam to Downtown 10k on April 16th, I’m starting my running up again. Wish me luck.  The last weekend of April is the Iowa City Omnium.  Must…..Get….More….Miles…On…The….Bike!!! With that being said, this requires 4am wake up alarms, 2 hours in the gym plus an extra workout outside of the gym (biking/running).  It’s anything but easy but it’s gonna happen.

Nutrition: 5 smallish meals today.  Kickstarted my recovery with Complete Nutrition Vanilla V-Core protein mix. Salmon and quinoa dominated lunch. Supper became chicken breast, brussels and a bedtime snack of bran flakes and protein powder.  I needed to eat more today but was busy…gonna work on that tomorrow.


Drink your water on days like these. Those muscles need it.

I’ll check in tomorrow after the back workout and 2 mile tempo run. YIKES!

Remember….life’s too short to sit on the couch and let it fly by.  Make the most of every day, set those goals, and get out there and tackle the world!

Register here for Dam To Downtown: https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=12312

Register for the Iowa City Omnium here:




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