WOD…Work out of the day!

So most of my post aren’t really bike or fitness related.  Strange enough both are a HUGE part of who I am.  So this post is about today’s workout.  Boooooring…..yeah I hear you saying it now.  But knowing what to do when at the gym is HARD for a lot of people.  So that’s why I’m going to try, key word is t-r-y here folks, to post my workouts for others to see. I didn’t have a plan other than I was doing upper body today, when I went to the gym. I worked my weakest part first, shoulders, then moved on to my favorite parts, triceps and biceps. Threw in some chest and back and wallah…..workout done.  I had planned on doing abs at home tonight but decided to veg out and write this instead.


So this is the workout.

I usually do 3-4 exercises per set. Allow 30-60 seconds of rest between sets. I didn’t rest in between exercises, I went from one to the next.  Maximal burn or maximal suffering, depending on how you wanna look at it.

First group:

  • Upright row barbell 3×5-Max weight I can do, done 5 times.
  • Front raises with Dumbbells 3×10- decent weight to where you tire by your 7th rep.
  • Shoulder Shrugs 3×10-grabbed 2 45-pound plates and shrugged it out.
  • Lateral raises with yellow band- decided to do this on my second time through so only 2 sets: 5 each side and 10 each side.

Second group:

  • Machine shoulder press 3×15
  • One arm row with dumbbells 3×10- using heavy weight to start and adding as I went up to where the last set was a struggle.
  • Bench push ups 3×10- with my shoulder/neck injury I can’t do regular pushups to well, so I did a bench push up, takes some pressure off the shoulder and traps.

Third group:

  • Barbell biceps curl 3×5-again maximum weight, each rep was TOUGH.
  • Triceps pulldown using rope attachment 3x 15- First set was only 10 but then went 15 for last two sets. Funny how that works.
  • Tricep dips off bench 3×10- feet out farther from body = tougher, keep back right in front of bench and push through heels of hands. Killer back to back triceps exercises.
  • Dumbbell hammer curl 3×10- I went lighter weights to get in all the reps, this was not easy though.

Forth group:

  • The Incredible Hulk with Blue band 3×15- this is my most favorite exercise ever. The gym only had blue and yellow bands but I typically use a purple. I love this exercise because you can really isolate the chest muscles and see them move when you do the exercise so you know you’re doing it right (or ultimately wrong if you don’t see them move).  The chest muscle is meaty and beautiful.
  • Skull crusher with barbell 3x5x10- So started out doing these and had too much weight so only did 5.  Decided I wanted reps so dropped 5lbs and did 10 the last two reps. Great triceps exercise.
  • Machine reverse row 3×10- I’m not one to use machines much but this is a great way to isolate the upper back (lats specifically). Small movement so you can really pack on the weights.
  • Side bends with plates 2×12- I finished up my workout with two sets of 12 side bends with 45lb plates. No rest. Just bust out the right side then the left and back to the right until finished. Great oblique exercise! Also, with my bum left arm I can tell where my weakness is with this exercise.  Knowing your weaknesses is half the battle. If you know them you can work on them until they diminish.

No cardio for this workout except biking to and from the gym. bikeAngus wanted to get out and about this morning so we rode to the gym and back.  It’s a totally different feeling being on a bike in non bike clothes but the fresh air on the way to the gym was fantastic.  Great warm up too.

So there you have it.  The workout of the day. Going off very little sleep and a sore neck/shoulder wasn’t easy but I felt great during and after my one hour workout.  I have to attribute a lot of my feeling well to going completely vegan a few months ago.  Having been primarily vegetarian for years, it was time to make the leap and cut out all animal products. I have to admit, despite the stress, lack of sleep, injuries and ailments, I feel pretty damn good.  My skins better, my tummy hurts less, and I actually look fit for once.  Probably because I don’t have all that crap in my system.  It’s a good feeling.

I’ll continue to post about workouts and nutrition in the upcoming days.  Side note: I’ll be starting my Holistic Nutrition studies and become certified in it soon.  I cannot wait to learn more about nutrition.

So if in doubt, get your ass out of bed in the morning or off the couch in the evening and get to the gym. If you have questions about any of the exercises I mentioned hit me up.

Set goals, no limits, and be determined.  You put in the effort and the time and commit to YOURSELF, you’ll reach your goals and beyond.




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